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independent (sinfest.net)

I wonder...

Posted on 18.06.2006 at 12:32
This entry was brought to you by the mood: frustratedfrustrated
Sounds like: Stars- The Big Fight
At what point does waiting turn into being jerked around?

East Cost fest update coming someday.

doomed love

Vague entries!!!

Posted on 04.06.2006 at 00:34
This entry was brought to you by the mood: scaredscared
Someone save me before I commit yet another act of self-sabotage.

underground lovah
Posted on 20.05.2006 at 00:27
Current Location: In the clouds
This entry was brought to you by the mood: flirtyflirty
Sounds like: Matthew Herbert feat. Mara Carlyle - Nice Dream
Oh, such a nice night.


*and smile*

underground lovah

See mood.

Posted on 15.05.2006 at 00:22
This entry was brought to you by the mood: happyhappy
Sounds like: CocoRosie- Haitian Love Songs
....that is all.

V says/does

Ohhh, hell.

Posted on 14.05.2006 at 01:17
Current Location: TV Land
This entry was brought to you by the mood: nervousnervous
Sounds like: !!! - Dear Can
What the hell am I thinking?!


underground lovah

Bad Dreams Galore!

Posted on 04.05.2006 at 14:10
Current Location: Right behind you.
This entry was brought to you by the mood: soresore
Sounds like: KEXP
My goodness. Last night was just a night full of bad dreams. Not the "Oh god there's a monster chasing me" or "I'm bleeding profusely from the head and I'm going to die" type of bad dream, but the ones that fuck with a person emotionally. Thankfully I can't remember the dreams in detail anymore (since they involve people here that I have to see on a regular basis), but I remember waking up and just feeling like I wanted to cry. It was one of the lonelier feelings I've had. Then I fell back asleep and had another bad dream; same emotionally-fucked feelings. Needless to say, I didn't wake up in a chipper mood. Good thing that today is absolutely beautiful, or else I'd be in one heck of a mood.

But, anyway. Sabres face Ottawa tomorrow. I have my fingers crossed...I'm afraid that we'll get our asses kicked, but I'm trying very hard to believe that those boys have what it takes to beat Ottawa. If they can beat Ottawa, I'll believe that they can beat anyone.

Ok, I should do some work and have lunch.
Have a fantastic Class and Charter Day, Ham-Techies!

PS-- Did anyone else notice that now you can tell people your "current location"?? How wonderful of LJ to facilitate STALKING.

V says/does

Believe it or not, I'm writing this from my apartment.

Posted on 08.04.2006 at 23:24
This entry was brought to you by the mood: lazylazy
Sounds like: Gomez- How We Operate
Yes, ladies and gents, my apartment. Which has no internet. Technically.

So, it's 11:30 at night, and I have not done anything productive. Which would not be a problem if not for the fact that, well, I have assloads of work to do. So what do I do? Write in my Livejournal! Go Jaime!

So, the Beinecke dinner went well, despite being at a broiler. I met another grad student who is actually a Ph.C. and is going to Kenya in a couple months, but she and I are gonna hang out while she's still in Seattle. It's another Megan, too. How funny. I think I'm going to have to initiate a Suessian "Thing 1, Thing 2" method of distinguishing between all the Me(a)g(h)ans if this keeps up.

Hm...other news? None, really. Everyone around me seems to be either in a relationship or pursuing one. And, amusingly enough, the only effect it's had on me is to make me lose any desire to get into a relationship....or even date. And it's not because my friends have found losers; each one seems to have met someone decent and nearly-normal. So, it's just me being...I dunno, difficult. Or stubbornly independent. But my weirdness aside, I'm very excited and happy for all of them.

Maybe an attempt at some work is in order.

underground lovah
Posted on 03.03.2006 at 13:30
This entry was brought to you by the mood: embarrassedembarrassed
God, I just became that asshole that makes a private reply to an entire listerv. *facepalm*

Maybe I can just make a joke of it..."I just wanted you all to know, I can't make it on Sunday...I totally have a hot date....with my prose comp."

...Or maybe I just won't show my face in the office until Monday.

Sigh. Oh well.

independent (sinfest.net)

Luggage, Weird Dreams, and Happy Dance-Around Times

Posted on 04.01.2006 at 10:03
This entry was brought to you by the mood: mellowmellow
So, Happy New Year everyone. I hope that everyone is off to a good start. I for one had a crap-ass midnight, but it has gotten significantly better since then. JetBlue lost one of my bags (the one with my everyday life in it!), so I spent my New Year changeover filling out a lost baggage claim. Thankfully, I got my bag back two days later, which was such a happy dance-around time! And just yesterday my new stereo came in, so now I can have fabulous sound when I watch my DVDs on my laptop. Again, another happy dance-around time, but this time to music.
Oh, I start classes today. My classes are only on Mondays and Wednesdays, which is good in that I don't have to go onto campus as often and hopefully I can make way for more reading time, but is totally bad in that I have to get assloads of work done in order to be prepared for like 4 hours of class. We'll see how this turns out.
As for the weird dreams...well, I'm having them. Not really shocking, but it's just that my dreams keep involving people that have no reason to be there. That's what makes them weird...this time, at least. At least they have been happy-weird dreams and not freakish and sad weird dreams.
So yeah, I'm back in Seattle. Things keep getting better. The break at home was alright; I learned a lot of things. That was good, in its way. I liked seeing the guys and Char and Kathy. And I was able to stand and even occasionally enjoy the time with my family, Nicki aside. She is back to being a selfish bitch, apparently. That really put me off since I was hoping to spend some time with her. I could rant more on it, but I honestly don't feel like focusing on her any more than is (in my opinion) necessary.


underground lovah

You'll never believe what just happened....

Posted on 29.12.2005 at 18:53
This entry was brought to you by the mood: draineddrained
...I didn't go.

Yup, Still in Buffalo. For another day. I'm leaving New Years Eve. Now don't get too excited, this wasn't my choice so much as fate made the planes to JFK so ridiculously late that I could not possibly make my connection. So, I'm here until Saturday, when I fly back home. Hey, it's a better way to spend New Years than what I originally planned.

But I'm exhausted. This ended up being a very long day. Ein langer Tag. Or something.

And I blame Sean for all of this.

underground lovah

Clap your hands say yeah

Posted on 29.12.2005 at 01:20
This entry was brought to you by the mood: exhaustedMad Tired, yo.
...don't pay attention to the time, it's actually 4am. I am heading back to my Seattle home in a little more than 12 hours. I am mad tired, but I just wanted to say that this night was fan-tas-tic and has made me a little sad to be leaving, though I know that I would just be more sad if I stayed through New Years. So, better to just get out now, ya know? HOWEVER, you all are very very welcome to come to Seattle and visit! Now if only I can find a place to play shufflepuck....

underground lovah

From Zeitwissen: "Muessen Frauen immer kommen?"

Posted on 05.12.2005 at 15:19
This entry was brought to you by the mood: blahblah
Sounds like: Radiohead
What a burning question. I'll get the mag and find out for you, because I know you want to know as much as I do.

Anyway...so, this weekend was thoroughly unproductive. This week is my last week of classes and this weekend I have a Christmas party to attend. I'm glad that this quarter is pretty much done; I need the break. I have some papers to write and an exam to complete before I am completely done, but I officially can devote all of my time to those pursuits now. Unforunately, having the time to do something doesn't necessarily mean that I'll use the time wisely. But damnit, I'm going to try.

In other news..............blah. I'm not really sad anymore, but not due to any change in circumstances. I think that I'm just too busy and exhausted to really care at this moment in time. But things will get better. Hell, with questions like "Muessen Frauen immer kommen?" to ponder, how can things not get better?

underground lovah
Posted on 22.11.2005 at 19:34
Today's Sinfest: most heartbreaking thing EVER.

And by "ever", I mean this week.

underground lovah
Posted on 14.11.2005 at 21:19
This entry was brought to you by the mood: confusedconfused
So...uh, saw a recent picture of Madonna.

Or, as I will now call her, Willem Dafoe in drag (a la Boondock Saints).

My apologies to Willem.

...I need to stop waking up at 4:30am.

mischief (sinfest.net)
Posted on 01.11.2005 at 19:05
This entry was brought to you by the mood: gigglygiggly
Sounds like: Poe - Control
"We killed him and replaced him with a retarded sloth."

Totally just got about 30 angry glares from busting a gust in the library at that.

In other news, life is busy. And I'm hungry.

underground lovah

The world wants to know!

Posted on 27.10.2005 at 14:40
This entry was brought to you by the mood: relaxedrelaxed
Sounds like: Powerman 5000 - Relax
So, is trying to prove that Derek Zoolander is a modern Helen of Troy evidence that, as Mike once said, everything with me always goes back to Zoolander, or that I am really a full-on Classics geekazoid?

Or! As Ruby likes to say, can I have my cake and eat it too?

This is not a rhetorical question.

mischief (sinfest.net)

Okay okay okay...

Posted on 26.10.2005 at 11:41
This entry was brought to you by the mood: rushedrushed
Sounds like: Massive Attack - Teardrop
I only have like 15 minutes to do this...so let's go!

Name 10 things (in no particular order) that make you happy and tag five others:

1. music
2. hockey
3. inside jokes
4. post-gym/intense physical activity hyperenergy
5. coffee
6. zoolander
7. sinfest
8. hugs
9. dawn
10. old friends

Tagged: Elene, Charlotte, Nicki, Caroline, whoever. I don't think that I have five people who read this AND have some sort of public online medium for making lists of their own.

underground lovah
Posted on 15.10.2005 at 16:57
This entry was brought to you by the mood: okayokay
Sounds like: Something by Coltrane....
I actually don't have much to say, but I figured that I would update anyway.

Classes are good...next week I only have three days of classes, and it's the last week of hardcore homework...everything from here on out is projects. Which is cool by me. Though I don't even have any ideas for an upcoming project. That's not very cool.

Life is good. Next week I'm making dinner for Meaghan and Richard. It'll be nice. I'll have people over. Yay!

The weather is nice and cool, and it rains at night which is the GREATEST THING EVER. I love the sound of rain.

And I successfully made pita bread last night! Score! Now I just have to start making my own hummus. hmmm...

Work beckons. What else is new?

underground lovah

Ok, so now what?

Posted on 04.10.2005 at 19:50
This entry was brought to you by the mood: embarrassedridiculous
Sounds like: Radiohead - My Iron Lung
I wasn't exaggerating when I said that I was trying to do 300 lines of Homeric Greek. If anything I had underestimated the workload...


....the assignment was actually only about 150 lines.

....I learned this about 45 minutes before class.


Meaghan is never going to let me live this down.

underground lovah

Turn me to the sky, turn me upside down.

Posted on 18.09.2005 at 15:45
This entry was brought to you by the mood: confusedconfused
Sounds like: Ours- Bleed
Life is back to status quo (read: quiet with a dash of boring). I start orientation tomorrow, and after that I start classes, so I'll be at a respectable level of busy soon enough. I have neither seen nor heard from that Mr.SeanPerson, and don't know whether to be happy about that or a little disappointed. Life is a bastard. It always slams me at the most inconvenient times. Always. Whatta cheap shot. I think that I need to be more busy, then such things won't be an issue.

In the meantime, I'm mastering the art of baking bread. And I've started to experiment with biscotti. It keeps my apartment from smelling like rice.

So, my mom says that I'm a pretty direct person. I don't quite agree. Some of you know me well enough to comment. Your thoughts?

PS: Terry Pratchett's Guards! Guards! is bloody funny. I highly recommend reading it.

underground lovah

It's been one week....

Posted on 17.08.2005 at 13:07
This entry was brought to you by the mood: calmcalm
Just wanted to update. I'm still alive. If you want to see pics of my swanky new apartment you can go to: http://community.webshots.com/user/venus_envy/

That is all.

underground lovah


Posted on 12.08.2005 at 13:31
This entry was brought to you by the mood: hyperI'm like a pong ball! Sweet!
Sounds like: I dunno!!

I live on the West Coast now. Suh-weet. Loneliness hasn't kicked in yet....I've been too busy and too hyped up on caffeine.

I have one favor to ask of you Buffalonians....take some pictures of Buffalo for me (like the Anderson's sign, downtown, Delaware Park, Le Metro (on Elmwood), etc) and send them over. Because I want a few to put up on my wall.

And for you Hamiltonians....take pics of Hamilton...Beinecke, ELS, Root Glen, Downtown Clinton, the AV crew...whatev. I want those too because I miss my first home away from home.

COME VISIT!! NOW!! Wee caffeine!

underground lovah
Posted on 10.08.2005 at 00:51
Ok, so I'm gone in like 5 1/2 hours. Bye bye Buffalo, Salve Seattle! I'll post an update when I can and tell the tale of the moving.

independent (sinfest.net)

How was I to know that I'd be right?

Posted on 06.08.2005 at 01:13
This entry was brought to you by the mood: weirdweird
Sounds like: XM radio
You see, we are dumb....but we are not so dumb.Collapse )

underground lovah
Posted on 02.08.2005 at 18:23
This entry was brought to you by the mood: boredbored
I got bored and changed the layout and color scheme for my journal. Check it out if you're bored too.

mischief (sinfest.net)

But then there's girls like me who sit appalled by what we've seen-- we know the truth about you.

Posted on 30.07.2005 at 23:54
This entry was brought to you by the mood: pissed offpissed off
Sounds like: RES - Golden Boys
My ability to enjoy my time in Buffalo without having to look over my shoulder has officially ended. This sucks big ol' monkey balls.

underground lovah

On and on, on and on, on and on....

Posted on 23.07.2005 at 01:48
This entry was brought to you by the mood: curiouscurious
Sounds like: Sneaker Pimps - How Do
Soooo....The trip to Seattle was alright. Definitely not the best time I've had, but what can I expect when my company has no interest in life beyond cable television? Anyway, I found a place...wasn't my first choice, but it's in a quiet neighboorhood, near a really really long running/biking trail, it's big, and I have a breakfast bar (yay!). Plus it's a walkable distance to school and major buslines. And the manager doesn't creep me out. But yeah. The only downside is that it's $600 which is the maximum I was allowing myself to spend on a place. Oh well. I have an extra $4000 from Hamilton...I'll survive. I move in on August 5th, which basically means that Chris and Brian won't be helping me. That's ok, though. A couple days on the road with my dad will be good, and I'm glad that I'll have my dad around to help me move it and ease the transition. I mean, it's not like I can just drive home for a weekend or something. I still have so much to do before I move, though...like get a U-Haul. Yeah, that would be good. Anyhoo...Seattle beckons.

In other "news", I'm back to my annual "I wonder what they're doing now?" musings. Like, some of my friends from high school who either ended up hating me or getting out of Buffalo as fast as possible. Like Inga...she was always pretty cool and smart as all hell. She was the only person with the balls to hit me if I swore. I really kind of respected her for that. I haven't heard anything about her, though I'm sure at this point the Army owns her ass. And Cory...days of Fun Dip and Ouija boards. Last I heard of her she was in California hanging out with some wicked-cool people and her bed was ghetto fabulous. But that was back in my freshman year of college. And then there are those stereotypical high-school-catty relationships I ended up having with some girls that at one point were some of my closest friends. God was that stupid. Kim turned mega-bitch on me because of a school project. A PROJECT! I even remember her boyfriend just giving me this "I know it's stupid but there's nothing I can do about it" look as she is ripping into me while I'm at work. And Jackie...I don't even remember what went wrong there...if it was something she did or something I did. Isn't it horrible when you can't even remember what it was that destroyed a relationship because it was that insignificant? All I do know is that the whole fiasco led to a spitfire prom and I ended up closer to Robin and Charlotte and that whole group of people. Though even the relationship with Robin slowly deteriorated. I just can't seem to keep people close for too long. Eh. Chalk it up to....I don't know what. It just being the way I am, I guess. But I guess here I can put down the public advert that'll sound like I'm coming out of Unsolved Mysteries: If you have any information about what these kids are up to, lemme know. I'm curious to know.

And now the bed.

underground lovah
Posted on 16.07.2005 at 11:45
This entry was brought to you by the mood: excitedexcited
Sounds like: golf on tv
I'm off to Seattle in a couple hours. Cross your fingers for me and hope that I find a place. Be back Wednesday morning.

underground lovah

Somewhat random musings...

Posted on 24.06.2005 at 02:07
This entry was brought to you by the mood: irritatedirritated
Sounds like: KEXP (Seattle)
Omicron Mu Gamma: Why I don't understand Greek SocietiesCollapse )

Anyways....Chris and Brian offered to help me move out to Seattle. Now I just need to sign a lease on a place and I'll be all set. I have been ultra-lazy this summer. It's ridiculous. I still haven't called Hamilton to get a check for my scholarship. It would probably take about 3 minutes, but I just won't do it. It's $800 too. Now THAT'S lazy.

I don't think anything else of interest has been going on. I saw Brian Pimm for the first time since elementary school. He works at Pearl Street Bar & Grill. He really doesn't look much different than he did when he was 8 years old. It's amusing. I've also seen Char once or twice this summer. I have to go see her perform @ Shakespeare in the Park. That opened today. Maybe I'll go tomorrow or Saturday.


underground lovah
Posted on 19.06.2005 at 00:23
This entry was brought to you by the mood: contemplativecontemplative
Sounds like: Telepopmusik- Don't look back
Don't look back: lyricsCollapse )

Has anyone heard that song? It's really pretty. It's my new favorite song...this week.

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